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What curriculum do you follow?

The curriculum offered is designed to ensure students have the knowledge and skills needed to stay ahead of the curve. As students progress through their education, it is imperative students have a solid foundation in each of their core subject areas. While our curriculum is based on state common core standards, we go beyond the basic requirements in order to encourage critical thinking and foster the intuition necessary for higher-level instruction. In short, it is important our students not only know the “how” but also the “why” behind everything we do. Once again, all of the material in our curriculum has been carefully curated into an exclusive teaching database by our Program Director, Ms. Priya Bajaj and thus, unique to our location.

Is the tutoring throughout the year?

Yes, tutoring is offered year-round. Although, students are encouraged to enroll in the summer to fill-in any gaps in preliminary content and get a “first look” at all the major concepts such that they are well ahead of the learning curve when going back to school in the fall. And during the school year, students are able to receive additional instruction and access to resources (exclusive worksheets, enrichment camps etc) to aid with exam preparation.